Tuesday, Oct. 8 was a highly successful senior night from a Winfield volleyball perspective as the Warriors topped conference foes St. Charles West winning two sets.

Winfield head coach Brian Hawkins was very impressed with his team’s performance against a talented opponent.

“The game against [St. Charles] West was a great game for our girls. St. Charles West actually has a lot of great talent, but most of volleyball is mental, and sometimes people have decided that they will win or lose a game before it is even started,” Hawkins said.

He commended his team for rising up to the occasion and even admitted that some of the things his team pulled off threw him for a loop.

“It did seem like all of our Winfield team was “on” last night. There were some plays that I had no clue how they were able to get the ball up and back over but they did. It is easier to win when busted plays are going your way,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins allowed the experience of his players take over the game.

“My varsity team has a lot of experience and any coaching that I am doing from the sideline are slight tweaks to our game. We can always make slight adjustments to what the other team is doing right and wrong,” Hawkins said.

The atmosphere in the gym that night was fraught with Warrior pride as the student section made themselves known with chants and cheers for their fellow Warriors.

The whole crowd was invested in every play.

“I loved the crowd involvement last night. I always feel like having a huge fan base increases the mood and feeling of the game. The girls were able to take that energy and capitalize on it,” Hawkins said.

The seniors recognized were Cristina San Martin Rico, Maggie Nicholl, Nicolette Reller, Rylee Dixon and team manager Kennedy Pund.

“I will miss our seniors and we will have some holes to fill next year. We may not be able to achieve the same level of competition next year but we will spend the off season trying to get to that same level or higher,” Hawkins said.

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