The Winfield softball team has improved to a 4-4 record on the season after winning three games in a row, beating Orchard Farm 10-7, Silex 8-7 and Clopton 7-3.

The Silex game in particular was a big game for the Warriors. It was a game in which they faced some adversity and kept fighting until the end.

“One thing I was definitely happy about is we’d give up a lead and we didn’t hang our heads, we didn’t give up. We fought back. Especially when we let them tie it in the seventh inning, we didn’t let any more damage happen and we ended up holding them off and scoring in the bottom of the eight to win it,” head coach Bryan Keim said.

He said that there will be times all year that his team runs into situations where they will give up leads or get down early in a game, but that he doesn’t ever want to see his team give up in those situations.

“I want to see us continue to fight for seven innings and that was something that I thought we did well there,” Keim said.

One thing Keim pointed out that his team could to do better at is playing cleaner softball.

“We’ve got to start making the routine plays more consistently to try to keep our pitchers from having to throw so many pitches and allow us to keep games shorter than what they should be,” Keim said.

“We haven’t yet played a game where I felt that we have played well defensively. We always seem to have an inning or two where we make an error and we will kind of let it snowball. It’s something that we’ve talked about: if we do make a mistake, being able to let it go, understanding that we aren’t perfect and that we are going to make mistakes. We can’t allow teams to have big innings because we mentally take ourselves out of games defensively.”

Keim is already seeing some of that show in his players and he has been very impressed with the girls’ abilities to bounce back from tough situations.

“We’ve had some adversity already this season. We lost some games early in the year that were probably worse than what we were expecting and so being able to deal with the fact that these girls haven’t given up, they understand it is a process and that there is a lot of season left,” Keim said.

After winning away, convincingly so, at Clopton on Tuesday, Sept. 10, the Warriors’ softball team seems to be finding a rhythm.

“Now we have kind of started to hit our stride a little bit,” Keim said. “I think we are finally starting to figure some things out.”

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