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Charlie Rhoades is a senior this year with the Winfield boys basketball team. Rhoades, if nothing else, wants his senior year to memorable.

“I would say that we should be able to be 500 or above that,” Rhoades said. “For myself: I just want to go out with a bang because it’s my senior year.”

Going out with a bang could mean a multitude of things, but for Rhoades, it’s all about leaving the right impression.

“I just want to make my presence known to the younger guys and the crowd as well,” Rhoades said.

Rhoades, at 6 foot 1, was drawn to basketball at a young age and has always played. He has in the past played as a big man inside, but might end up switching roles for this season.

“In previous years I played as a post but this season I might play as more of a guard,” Rhoades said.

The thing he said that he enjoys most about the sport these days is the camaraderie. 

“I really like hanging out with the guys,” Rhoades said.

And what will he miss most about Winfield basketball?

“Shoot, there’s a lot. The closeness with everyone, like I was saying before and then just playing because I won’t be able to play after high school,” Rhoades said.

He said that his plans right now for post high school life are to go to college. Rhoades is looking forward to the season and said, “It will be a good one.”

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