With the introduction of a ladies’ golf team at Winfield High School comes new opportunity for students.

The team’s existence might not feel as foreign or strange an idea to a freshman as it might to a junior or senior, but will certainly be as big an opportunity for girls of all grade levels to get onboard and have some fun.

Maddie Reed is a freshman at Winfield High School this year and has been playing golf for five years, so even though this program is new to the school, the game is no mystery to her.

Reed was drawn to golf after seeing it played on T.V.

“It was just something that looked interesting, and you don’t have to run or anything and I don’t like running so…” Reed said.

It is one thing to start playing golf because it is interesting, but Reed said that what has kept her playing has been learning more about what golf really is.

“Getting to know the real definition of golf and getting to play more and be more into it,” Reed said on what keeps her wanting to play.

As far as her strengths in the game go, Reed said that her strong suit is definitely driving the ball.

Since this is her first year in high school, she’s started with a golf program available, which is something she’s thankful for.

“It’s really good. It’s been a very good experience so far, not that we’ve played any matches, but practices have been really good. I’m looking forward to just kind of getting the experience of playing high school matches. It is something that is going to be an experience and a challenge,” Reed said.

A student who has gone through most of her high school career thus far without the option of a golf team is Winfield junior Josie Bauer.

Bauer said the interest in the sport would have never been sparked, had the opportunity of the high school team not been available.

Bauer also said that hearing people talk about it and the fact that golf isn’t widely played in the area are some of the things that drew her to the game.

“It’s something different that not a lot of people do, you know,” Bauer said. “And it’s something that you can do for a long time.”

Her favorite part of golf thus far has been learning to drive the ball and the focus is takes.

Bauer recognizes that the implementation of the girls’ golf program is a massive positive for the school and the community saying that it is great to see and experience something new to the school.

Bauer and her teammates along with coach Brian Burgoyne are going into this season ready to have fun with it and learn on the fly.

Burgoyne was also celebrating the fact that the program had clubs donated to them to increase the opportunities.

“It’s just something cool to experience with all my friends. I know all the girls. We are just here to have fun,” Bauer said.

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