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Troy Buchanan graduate Rachel Schultz was one of the rare freshmen to advance in the MIAA conference as an outdoor top-nine finalist. Photo by Andrew Mather/UCM Athletics

Troy Buchanan alumnus Rachel Schultz started her athletic journey six years ago when she joined track and field in middle school. 

While Schultz also participated on the soccer and volleyball teams, she decided to stick with track and field, and in high school she became more dedicated to the sport.  That when the dream began. 

Being a high school student, Schultz knew she wanted to pursue a college education and her goal was to be awarded an athletic scholarship to help pay for the price of college tuition. 

Her love for the sport helped to make her dream a reality, although she said there is another meaning behind the goal. 

“The ultimate dream is to be a leading example of a dedicated athlete who showcases good sportsmanship at all times,” Schultz said. 

During her high school career Schultz achieved high success by being the only freshman to advance in the MIAA conference as an outdoor top-nine finalist. 

Over the next three years she worked to maintain her record by improving with every practice and working hard to be the best she could. Many people helped her, including her family, friends and coaches. She says her biggest motivation is her dad. 

“He always is sharing his wisdom with me about what it takes to be a good athlete – the mindset, work ethic, diet, etc.,” Schultz said. 

That wisdom helped Schultz get where she wanted to be. 

After graduating in 2018, she went on to the University of Central Missouri where she is working to obtain a degree in Public Relations. 

She is attending on an athletic scholarship for Track and Field as a hammer thrower.

Now, going into her sophomore year at UCM, Schultz is preparing herself for the next season, though juggling school, sports and life can be hard for almost every college student. 

“I have had many times where I have second-guessed this sport and if being a collegiate athlete is meant for me, but then I remember how much I love the feeling of success after a long period of work and training,” Schultz said. 

She also looks to her favorite athlete, Anita Wlodarczyk, in times that she doubts herself. 

“She holds the world record for the hammer throw, and she is also Polish which makes up a portion of my ethnicity,” Schultz said. 

Schultz is a dedicated athlete to the sport, and strives for improvement with every throw. 

She said her coaches and her huge support system helped her achieve all she has by always believing in her, even when she didn’t believe in herself. 

“I just want to make my parents proud at the end of the day,” Schultz said. 

After graduating college, Schultz hopes to stay stay involved with the sport. 

“My plan after college is to start my career in the business field and hopefully coach on the sidelines,” Schultz said.