Last year was a turnaround year for Trojan’s football, and starting quarterback Kendall Hutchison that’s because they put the long hours in.

“We worked really hard and we spent a lot of time in the off-season getting prepared and we had the first winning season since 1992,” Hutchinson said. 

The team’s been steadily improving over the last handful of seasons, and last year the Trojans broke through and made a statement about their intentions for years to come. 

“It was exciting,” Hutchinson said. 

As a junior last year, Hutchinson began his varsity play as QB – potentially daunting for some, but he said it was just “awesome.” 

“There was a little bit of pressure, but it didn’t affect me too much because I knew my teammates had my back,” Hutchinson said. “I wasn’t really worried about anything…I just took one play at a time.” 

The Trojans are a solid group, he said, willing to come together for each other in the game and off the field.

“We’re definitely a family, we have each other’s back no matter what, not just on the football field but in life,” Hutchinson said. “I like football a lot because our team is big and there’s so much diversity. There’s some kids that come from households [where] they don’t have a father figure, and they can look up to coach or look up to other players, and some kids come from great families, but they can also be examples for others on the field.”

On the field, Hutchinson said he can always count on Jacob Ferguson, Gavin Land and Tim Meyer to help him out of a pinch. 

“Jacob Ferguson comes up with sacks and big tackles in big situations,” Hutchinson said. “Damien Beans is one too that sticks out to me – like, he fights, he gets in the battle. I remember one play last year when we did a hard count and the other team jumped off-sides and hit Damien…I just remember his face, he was ready, he was like, ‘alright that’s five yards, let’s go, next play.’”

For the coming year, Hutchinson said the Trojans want to keep their newfound tradition of winning, and continue to be a threat on the field. 

“We don’t want to be it a surprise, like a surprise year last year, we want it to be a part of Troy football, to start winning – we want to just keep the tradition going,” Hutchinson said. 

Especially after putting in a solid performance last season, Troy has its rivals on the field. Fort Zumwalt West is a team to beat, after Troy lost a close game to them last season. Zumwalt West also serves as a great memory from last season too, Hutchinson said; With Troy down, the Trojans kept hammering on the Zumwalt West defense.

“I could just tell that their defense was getting tired, and our offense wasn’t, from all the conditioning in the off-season, I could just tell from looking at the defense they didn’t want to go up against us anymore,” Hutchinson said. “Our offense was just driving it down the field.” 

The Trojans are eager to fill the school stadium with their fans this year, and are ready to make football big in Troy again, he said. 

“We love the support they give us,” Hutchinson said. 

Troy plays its first home game Aug. 30. 

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