TBHS Cheerleaders have been working hard on routines and fundraisers in different camps throughout the summer, and are ready to ignite school spirit throughout the upcoming school year. 

Girls were able to try out for either the varsity, junior varsity or C teams in March, and since then have attended several camps in the summer that focused on choreographing routines, as well as a fundraiser week that gave 26 girls from kindergarten to sixth grade a chance to practice cheerleading. 

“The girls’ attitudes have just been phenomenal. Everyone’s wanting to try, and they all want to be here which is the best thing we can ask for,” head varsity coach Robin Engal said. 

This will be Engal’s fourth season as the head of the program. 

When it comes to competition season for the squad, the Varsity team will perform a big routine at regionals in October, and if they qualify there will move onto state in November. 

Besides their big competition routine, the Varsity team will learn around four routines to perform at football games, and four to five routines to perform at basketball games next season. 

“We split our practices – half of them go towards competition and half of them we work on our routine for the football game. The girls work really hard and they always pull it through,” Engal said. 

Engal said that the girls look forward to home games, as it gives them a chance to perform more and take ownership of it, with different home games having different themes and activities. 

“We’re always trying to figure out how to get our crowd warmed up how to get more kids to show up, we always have a good parent section but even how to get them involved in the game,” Engal said. “But yeah the girls really like when the crowd’s into the game and we have a big crowd. They really take ownership in the school pride.”

In cheer, the seniors on the team are expected to step into more of a leadership role and help make up routines or even start practice if teachers are in meetings. There are three seniors this year – Baylee Humphrey, Maddy Martin and Jadyn Hunt.

Anyone can create a routine, though, with some girls even able to create a routine to help pay for cheer expenses.

“Girls will make a routine to pay off their account a bit. Some of the girls are paying their cheer expenses like clothes and camp themselves, so we try to really work with them and be like ‘hey, make a routine and we can take this off your account’,” Coach Engal said. “Just trying to not just hand it to them but have them working for it. But other girls have a passion in it and make routines all the time.”

The biggest challenge a cheerleader can face comes from time management, as many of the girls are involved in other sports and clubs. 

Cheer meets for practices twice a week and then performs at a game during football season, and basketball season can bring even more hectic schedules.

“A lot of our girls do other things too – some are in band, some are in soccer, some are in show choir, so sometimes some of them are away for something else and so for that we have to adjust and see what works.” Engal said.

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