Silex’s boys basketball team fell in a bout against Bowling Green last Tuesday on Jan. 29. The Bobcats slowly pulled ahead of the Owls throughout the game, but Silex made sure the victory wasn’t an easy one for them. 

The first quarter ended with the scores more or less equal, both just breaking into double-digits. Two minutes into the second, Silex pulled ahead 15-13, but Bowling Green matched them quickly and was ten points up by the time half time rolled around.

Bowling Green held it’s lead 28-19 partway into the third quarter, stretching it all the way to a 16-point gap (37-21) with three minutes left on the clock. Silex began to bounce back, however, and a few solid plays brought the Owls back into a competitive range of points. Notable during that swing back was a three-pointer sunk by junior guard Tommy Grote right as the third-quarter buzzer sounded, to standing applause by the Silex fans in the crowd. Silex brought the points to within 10 in the fourth, but the Bobcats made a couple 

mid-quarter buckets and pulled ahead to a final score of 54-40. 

The Owls had faced off against Bowling Green a week earlier in the Bowling Green Tournament, where they lost 65-45 in the first round. In that match, Henke said the Owls had allowed the top Bowling Green scorers to get in too much and ring up too many points.

“Today, it was a little bit different game,” Henke said. Bowling Green is a tough team; it was seeded Number 1 in its own tourney, and Henke said they are competing with Van-Far as the top threats in Silex’s conference. The Owls had focused on locking down some of the key Bowling Green players in the  Jan. 29 game.

“We kind of beat ourselves tonight with some turnovers and key spots and giving them some offensive rebounds, but overall we executed the way we wanted to, just came up a little short,” Henke said. 

Henke said his boys never quit, and it’s a point of pride the team takes home after every game. 

“They work really hard, they work hard because our community wants them to, our parents want them to, the school,” Henke said. “And they want to work hard, it’s across everything, and it’s really nice as a coach, you never have to worry about effort and attitude.” 

The next couple weeks will see the boys changing focus in practice and work on tightening up on their end-of-year goals and looking at the little details. 

“We preach that every day, the little things,” Henke said. “We’re going to focus on those details that we’ve got to get better at, and hopefully that will make the difference for us.” Silex is looking to compete in the conference as it wraps up in February, but Henke said those last five games are gearing them up towards the post-season games.

“And that’s where we want to hopefully play our best,” Henke said. 

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