Silex Cheerleaders

Back row, from left: Lilie Isom, Kylie Coats, Caitlyn Twellman, Kylee Williams, Maddy Goos, and Jaclyn Adams. Front row, from left: Emily Duering, Kaylie Engelmeyer, Jenna Beckham, Harlee Olds, and Allison Schneider. 




Silex’s cheer squad took home the Cheerleading Trophy from the recent Bowling Green Basketball Tourney, a satisfying follow-up to the girls’ competition at the Missouri Cheerleading Coaches Association State Championships earlier in the winter.

Those state championships were the first Silex had gone to in ten years, and the cheerleaders took the fourth-place trophy. 

It was an accomplishment, said squad co-captain Jaclyn Adams, for the team to perform well at state despite dealing with a few injuries and changes to the roster through the long cheer season. Taking the Cheerleading Trophy at the Bowling Green tourney also felt pretty good, Adams said. 

“We have accomplished so much,” co-captain Kylee Williams said. 

Silex has a fair amount of cheerleaders on the squad, which is a benefit, Williams and Adams said.

Coach Amanda Bair said she’s excited about where the squad is headed. 

“It’s a building year, and it can only get better,” she said. “The girls are dedicated and they look forward to it. When they stop loving it, then I’ll worry, but right now they just want to keep working.”

The girls start practice in the summer, getting ready for the state competition, and their performances at basketball games roll right into their routine. 

They’ll finish up the basketball season, then start the whole process again with a fresh squad in March, working on teambuilding, conditioning and stunting. 

“We work hard,” Williams said. “Last week [at the Bowling Green tourney] we cheered every single night, and then had two days off because of the weekend, and now we cheer Monday and today.”

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