Winfield golf

Winfield’s girls golf squad in 2020 is about learning the game of golf from the ground up. From left to right, Warriors coach Brian Burgoyne, Myah McLoud, Chloe Seidel, Maddie Reed and Madison Scleeper, his lone returner from last season’s squad. Not pictured is Kadee Berry.

With every swing, it was easy to see Brian Burgoyne’s eyes light up from above his mask.

He knows his Winfield golf team is very young and as inexperienced as inexperience could possibly muster itself. Though he has just one girl returning from his 2019 roster, Burgoyne couldn’t be any happier teaching the game of golf.

“It’s great. I love it,” he said. “Despite their current demeanor, these girls are great.

“They’re having fun, and they want to learn (how to play golf).”

In 2020, it’s not as much about coaching golf for Burgoyne, but teaching it

Madison Schleeper is his lone returning golfer from his 2019 squad.

He has brand-new students who have never picked up a club before, which for him, is the best possible situation to walk into.

“A lot of (my girls) haven’t played before, which is great because there aren’t any bad habits to unlearn,” Burgoyne said.

The Warriors’ golf squad plays its rounds at Sun Valley Golf Course. Located on South Highway W in Elsberry, it’s known as a good course to learn the game.

“(Sun Valley) is a beautiful out-of-the-way course,” Burgoyne said. “It’s got a nice par-6.”

Wins and losses will not be the measure of how good Burgoyne’s girls golf team will be in 2020. It will be about how much they learn along the way, and how good they could become.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun,” Burgoyne said. “(Golf’s) not just about playing your opponent.

“It’s about playing yourself – and that’s the best part.”