A homecoming football game set on Friday the 13th sounds like the premise to an 80s horror movie, but at Winfield High School, the Sept. 13 homecoming showdown was a different kind of spectacle. 

The Warriors football team pulled in their first win for the season, going 56-0 against Confluence Prep.

A number of big plays from the Warriors peppered the game. In the second quarter, with 25 seconds left on the clock, Austin Carson intercepted a long pass by Confluence, and ran it all the way from deep in Winfield’s territory to the 35-yard line. 

Later in the game, as Confluence was on offense, Lane Moody and Cole Sams sacked the runner, causing a fumble, with Chase Rankin scooping up the ball and diving into the end zone to score. 

“I was focusing really hard, because it’s kind of hard to pick up a ball when it’s rolling like that,” Rankin said. 

During that play, Rankin said he was thinking about how he was going to have to listen to Moody give him grief, since Moody had helped force the fumble that opened up the ball. 

Finally, with one minute left on the clock in the fourth quarter, Carson made his second interception of the night, pulling the ball from the air and bringing it all the way back for another six points.  

After the game, Rankin said the Warriors had a “really great” night, and that the win had fired the team up before heading into conference play. 

“We were 0-2 before the game, so it really helped our offense get rolling,” Rankin said. 

Coach Keith McGlasson said the team had started firing on all cylinders in that third game, “instead of half cylinders.” 

“Last two weeks…offensively we haven’t done much,” McGlasson said. 

The quarterback for the Warriors this year is Charos Sutton, who McGlasson said is a freshman. 

Jacob Heberer had begun the season as starting QB, but McGlasson said Heberer fits better in to other positions. With Charos, the team is working on letting him grow into the position to really make it his own.

“He’ll be running our offense for four years,” McGlasson said. “Next year, and two years, and three years – he’s going to be phenomenal.” 

Rankin said Winfield’s offensive line, the “backbone of every team,” is going to keep working and improving as the season continues. 

A good field relationship between Sutton and the receivers will continually need to improve. 

“We’ve got a young quarterback, [he] threw some nice balls tonight, we’ve still got a lot of chemistry to build with him,” Rankin said. 

The defensive line is doing “pretty good,” Rankin said, though pass coverage could use some refining.

Winfield is also sitting on a good crop of seniors, McGlasson said, but the junior class is small. 

“So we’re leaning on our young guys a lot this year,” McGlasson said. “We’re going into conference play next week, St. Charles West, going to be a tough game for us, but after that we’ll see what we can do.”

Challenge will definitely increase as the conference games roll in; the trick will be figuring out what to expect from some of those other teams on the fly. 

For now, the Warriors will continue to grow and get their offense on-track.

“These boys, I work them hard,” McGlasson said. “They’ll never quit, that’s one thing I’ve always prided not myself, but just these boys since I’ve been here – it’s my eighth year – to the last second, they play to the last second, always.”

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