For Winfield’s dance team, it’s about learning how to dance before performing the routines.

Coach Kassandre Aldrich said her unit is a self-contained one where anyone who wants to learn is welcome.

“Our team runs a little differently than others. Each year, anyone is invited to join without having to tryout,” she said. “The level of experience does not matter, as long as they are open to learning new skills related to dance and put forth 100% in mastering all the routines.”

Aldrich also said the 2019-2020 version of her team was a hard-working squad that was a cohesive group from day one.

“We had a great team of girls last year,” she said. “Everyone worked together really well, and they were open to the experience of either learning how to dance or improve on the skills they already had. 

“I am expecting this year to be exactly the same.”

The Warriors bring back a strong staff, and they will carry a strong degree of autonomy this season.

“Everyone returning has been on the dance team previously,” Aldrich said. “Because of that, I am letting them take the reigns and choreograph more of the routines you will see from them this year.”

The novel coronavirus has wreaked havoc with every team over the last few months, and Winfield’s dance team hasn’t been immune to the pandemic. However, Aldrich said her squad expects to be successful nonetheless.

“Each year we have a new group of girls joining the team. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 being so prevalent in our lives, the team is looking much different than normal,” Aldrich said. “We usually have 18 to 20 girls on the team with a variety of new participants and veteran dancers. This year, we have many that do not feel comfortable participating in the dance team. 

Luckily, we have seven strong dancers returning this season: Briee Loyd, Brooklyn Brown, Joie Rudar, Kristin Eller, Rachal Karsch and Sofia East.”

Aldrich will be spending part of the season on maternity leave, but expects her team to be learn, be successful and have fun along the way.

“Each year my hope is that all the girls have fun and learn something new about dance,” she said. “This year, I can not wait to watch this group of girls step up and take more control than in the past. They are all hardworking and creative girls.

“I am excited to see what they are able to develop on their own this year.”