The Trojans fell to Holt 41-31 in Troy Buchanan’s Homecoming game, with an explosive first half unable to prevent Holt’s comeback in the second. 

Troy put seven points on the board within the first few minutes of the game, with Zach Collins scoring a touchdown at the 8:10 mark. 

“Homecoming, playing another quality opponent, but our guys just like playing the game, so [they] came out ready to play and were playing well early,” coach Ryan Nesbitt said about the Trojan’s fast start. 

When the ball turned over to Holt, they were forced to punt, unable to get another first down. Troy quickly followed up with another touchdown and field goal near the end of the first, and Holt finally retorted with a touchdown of their own. Troy blocked the field goal, though, ending the first quarter 14-6. 

Nesbitt said the offense for Troy was playing well early, that the running backs were outstanding.

“Guys were running with confidence and did a nice job in the first half, had a few mistakes on defense but by and large were playing pretty well there,” Nesbitt said. 

Troy has been working hard to fix its early-season habit of too-many turnovers, and that showed early on in the game against Holt. 

“As long as we continue to value possession of the football, I think our offense has a chance to continue to play good football,” Nesbitt said.

Halfway through the second, Trojan Quarterback Kendall Hutchison carried the ball for another touchdown, then a few minutes later Holt picked back up another run, putting the score to 21-13. With less than three minutes on the board, Troy picked up another seven points, and the score stayed 28-13 heading into halftime. 

As soon as the Trojan Pride band took the field for the halftime performance, a deluge of rain hit, soaking the field. Play resumed, and a minute into the third quarter, Holt scored, and just after thunder rang out and the game was put on a short weather hold. 

When play picked back up, Holt began to strike back hard. Holt picked up another eight points, getting a touchdown off a long pass, and making the two point conversion. 

Kicker Mason Gessert landed a 27-yard field goal, putting them back in the lead, but Holt continued to push hard against Troy’s defense. Holt was leading 34-31 with less than six minutes on the clock in the fourth, and cemented the win with another long pass and touchdown, winning the game 41-31. 

“Honestly, it was a buffet,” Nesbitt said. “It wasn’t just one guy [making mistakes], and when you play back there in space on a defensive secondary, those mistakes are magnified. We’ve got some young kids and they do some things well, but also made some young kid mistakes. We’ve got to continue to grow, and we’ve got to play better football over there.” 

This Friday, the Trojans are going to face down Francis Howell Central, who love to throw the football, Nesbitt said.

“We’ve got to regroup from a tough loss and can’t let the emotion of that affect how we prepare and how we perform, and we’ve got to get ready to go back to work starting today,” Nesbitt said. 

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