Troy’s boys basketball program recently welcomed in Tim Gilmore as the new head coach.

“The thing probably that attracts me to Troy the most is just the tradition behind Troy basketball in general,” Gilmore said. 

Outgoing boys coach Dan Moore said Gilmore has a good group coming back to the court, with a lot of potential, and the opportunity to have a great season. 

Moore, who coached the boys program for three years, said the he feels “blessed for the opportunity that Troy School District gave me” to run the program. 

“They’re great kids, they come from great families,” Moore said. 

For his top priority, Gilmore said he wants to get into the gym and work with the players as much as possible before summer ends. 

“My biggest thing right now is to just get in the gym, get with these guys, get to work as much as we can with what summer we have left,” Gilmore said. “I’m just truly excited to get a ball bouncing and get a ball in these guys’ hands – I want to create that excitement – and my first and foremost thing is I just want to bring those guys together. The unity, have them support each other, the family-first type of atmosphere, and build that culture first, and we’ll kind of broaden out from there.” 

He’s been brought up to speed on the talent and players available on the Trojan team, and he got to meet a few of his players at an event at the Hungate Performing Arts Center on June 11. 

“They seemed very upbeat about everything, and kind of ready to get in the gym and get rocking and rolling with it all,” Gilmore said, adding that several of the incoming freshmen from the younger levels have had very successful careers in junior high play.

“Which was fantastic to see that the future is bright, for sure,” Gilmore said. 

Gilmore, a math teach, has coached at the varsity level for 11 years; two of those were coaching the girls at Southern Boone, and then nine years of coaching boys at Bloomfield. As the season comes up, Gilmore said he’s most excited to dig into the work. He’s been talking with Athletic Director Jason Smith to get orientated, and said the staff at the school is “great.”

“Everybody I’ve met has been more than hospitable about everything and trying to show me the ropes,” Gilmore said. “I just signed my contract on Monday, and it’s kind of been a whirlwind, trying to get everything set.”

For the rest of this summer, Gilmore said he’ll be working and practicing with the team on their remaining contact days. 

“Obviously next summer it will look completely different, I’ll have team camps for K-12, and get all these youth involved too,” Gilmore said. “That’s probably my primary focus going into next year is getting these younger kids involved, getting the kindergarten through third grade guys excited about basketball, just as much as my high school kids are excited about it.”

He wants basketball to be a community thing, to get buy-in from all the grade levels.

“I know I got hired as the high school coach and everything, but I want my face to be seen at junior high basketball games, I want my face to be seen at the elementary camps or even help running these elementary camps, whatever needs to be done,” Gilmore said. 

“I think if you want true success in the program, it starts with the younger grade levels for sure, it just doesn’t start when they walk into high school.”

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