The Lady Trojans soccer team lost to a golden goal, 3-2, with a little over three minutes left in double overtime during the first round of the Fort Zumwalt North Tournament on March 19. 

Troy Soccer

Kennedy Thompson (#2) moves down the field.  

“It’s a tough loss, especially losing the way that you did in overtime,” said coach Zachary Kos. “The result I wish was different, but it’s a good learning experience, especially when you have three to four freshmen that you’re playing with at a time.”

For those younger players just getting into the varsity experience, Kos said it will be good to “take this on the chin early in the year,” that it will set the team up to get where they want to be as the season moves on.

One of the team’s freshmen, Maggie Illig, spent a good deal of time on the ball and landed the Lady Trojans their second goal in the game; the first being scored by Senior Morgan Bova. 

“She [Illig] played a lot and we want to get her in, she’s very dangerous with the ball at her feet,” Kos said.

The game against Zumwalt North was a better game for Illig individually compared to the girls’ first match of the season, Kos said, which was a 3-0 loss against Timberland. 

“She was able to get forward, scored a goal and created stuff for us,” Kos said. “And I think that she’s going to be really, really dynamic moving forward.” 

Kos said despite the outcome, from the first game to this second one he’s seen a lot of things that have improved in the team, and that he’s excited about “where these girls can go the rest of the year.” Troy moved on to play Fort Zumwalt East yesterday, March 19, and will be in the final match of the tourney tonight. Results will be in the next edition of the The Lincoln County Journal.


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