Troy Buchanan’s football team held Roosevelt at bay in a tense climax to the Trojan’s first home game of the season on Aug. 30. The two teams traded the lead throughout the rain-soaked match, with a number of turnovers and interceptions making things exciting. With seconds left on the clock, Roosevelt was on the one-yard line on fourth down with scores at 28 and 24 – Troy managed to keep them at bay long enough for the game to time out, for an exciting finisher. 

Troy had taken the lead early on in the game, but through all four quarters, the two teams were trading off touchdowns. A pair of fumbles from Troy led to 14 points getting up on the board for Roosevelt, though the Trojans kept grabbing touchdowns to keep them in the game. 

The final quarter was a real brawl, and the last five minutes of the game were grueling as Roosevelt started grinding yards out, four downs at a time, finally making it to the one-yard line with only seconds left on the clock at fourth down. 

Troy pushed visiting team back, and kept the end zone safe long enough for the clock to run out. 

After the game, coach Ryan Nesbitt said there was “a lot to unpack” from the performance. 

“The biggest growth you have as a football team is from week one to week two,” Nesbitt said. “It’s always good to learn those lessons through success, certainly would have been a whole lot different feeling had that thing gotten in down there in the stretch.” Nesbitt said that the team made some mistakes throughout, and said Roosevelt did an unbelievable job hanging around. 

“A lot of it, truth is, is self-inflicted,” Nesbitt said. 

He said that for Troy to score 28 points total and to turn the ball over six or seven times and still come away with a win is “a very fortunate feeling for us.”

“We’ll take it, it certainly isn’t pretty or how we want it, but we’ll learn our lessons and see if we can’t get better,” Nesbitt said. 

The first three quarters of the game were soaked with rain, and while the turf field at TBHS kept things manageable, it was still a challenge added onto the first home game of the season.

“We talked about the elements and we knew it was going to be wet out, but it’s no excuse for putting the ball into the ground like we did,” Nesbitt said. “We played really well at times, we still feel really good about our guys, we just [made] way too many mistakes.”

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