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Jane Boessen graduated from Troy Buchanan in 2017 where she realized her dream to become a special education teacher – but while she was in high school, Boessen was actively involved on the Track and Cross Country teams, where she discovered another passion. 

Before attending Troy Buchanan, Boessen was a Sacred Heart Flame, where she hit the court/field as a basketball and soccer player. 

That was until she discovered her love for running and decided to focus on that.

“The summer before freshman year I had attended training camps to help prepare myself for the high school teams,” Boessen said. 

Her freshman year of high school, Boessen joined both the Track and Cross Country teams. 

“I always just ran for fun and to be able to hang out with my friends,” Boessen said. 

She competed in the one- and two-mile runs and had a natural talent that was noticed by the coaches. 

Even still, it wasn’t until her junior year of high school that Boessen would become more serious about her running career. That year Boessen qualified for the state meet. 

“I remember seeing the winners on stage and all I could think was that I wanted to earn myself a spot up there, so I challenged myself,” Boessen said. She saw what it would take to be on the pedestal, and worked and trained the next year to be standing up there too.

“When I became serious about running, I trained more often, ate a healthier diet and pushed myself to be the best I could,” Boessen said. Anyone that knows Boessen, knows that she just loves to run. 

“It’s an escape for me, I just love the thrill of the experience and I always try to push myself to be better for my teammates,” Boessen said. 

The hard work paid off her senior year when Boessen broke all of her personal records. Due to her performance throughout the year, Boessen worked her way to attend the state meet again. The meet was held in Jefferson City. 

“I knew it was going to be a hard course because it is very hilly and rough terrain,” Boessen said. 

Even with all the buildup and hard work, she wouldn’t have guessed how important of a memory that state meet would become.  

“I remember passing the finish line and my friends, family and coaches ran up to me telling me how proud they were,” Boessen said. She finished out her high school career with a memory that will last a lifetime. 

Now Boessen runs as a junior at Southeast Missouri State University, where she competes in the three- and five-kilometer races. While in college, Boessen has no plans to give up running anytime soon. 

“I’ve thought about long term and keep going back and forth on what I want to do, I think it would be cool to secure a spot at Tokyo 2020, but I just enjoy running for fun and to stay healthy,” Boessen said. She has been fortunate to have few injuries through her career, however this past year Boessen questioned if she was on the right path for her life. 

“I had fallen a little under the weather for about three months, nothing serious but, I wasn’t like feeling myself,” Boessen said. 

She worried that she would not get back to the training that she was previously at. 

“My roommate really helped me to understand that this was a test and that I need to push through to get back in the groove of running again,” Boessen said. She looks to her faith, family and friends when she feels like she is in a rough spot. 

“Injuries and setbacks do not define you,” Boessen said. She would like to thank her coaches  Ashley Weber, Lane Carl and Jessica Dukeman that have all invested their time to bettering her as an athlete. 

She has always been inspired by their love for their jobs and helping her achieve her goals. 

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