Troy Buchanan football

Troy, Mo. - The Troy Trojans are now 4-0 as they beat the Francis Howell Central Spartans on Sept. 17.

The Trojans had another dominating performance, winning 62-14. 

Offensively, they had 236 rushing yards, and also averaging 10.26 yards per carry. Troy also had 113 receiving yards, averaging 14.13 yards per completion. 

Defensively, the Trojans allowed 111 rushing yards, with the Spartans only averaging 2.85 yards per carry, and the Trojans also allowed 111 receiving yards as well with 8.54 yards per receiving attempt. 

They also had three interceptions. 

Sophomore Ethan Lollar is a receiver on the Trojans. 

“I think that I’m a better blocker than people say I am,” Lollar said.

Lollar likes taking credit for his blocking because he likes working for his team. Lollar had some experience with playing varsity a little last year as a freshman, but this year is different.

“They push me to be better,” he said.

Lollar agrees that the relationship between he and his teammates this year has improved. 

“They help me learn the plays better,” Lollar said.

 Lollar likes the team because “they’re all around there for (him).”