Jacob Ferguson (#52) carries the American Flag onto the field in the Trojan’s Sept. 6 game against Warrenton.

The Troy Buchanan football team is 2-0 after games against Roosevelt and Warrenton.

Troy beat Roosevelt at home in the pouring rain by a scoreline of 28-24 and beat Warrenton convincingly 42-12.

“The Roosevelt game was a great lesson. It was one of the more bizarre games I’ve been apart of in terms of how physically our guys dominated the ball game,” head coach Ryan Nesbitt said.


Troy's Color Guard make their flags dance during the Marching Band's halftime show. 

“We’ve got some talented kids up front and we were able to move the football just about anytime that we wanted to. We ran for 440 yards. Anytime you do that you are going to score anywhere from five to seven touchdowns,” he added.

But the Trojans’ performances haven’t been without issues.


Andrew Bergfeld (#51) and Austin Wenzel (#23) run to intercept a Warrenton player. 

Nesbitt said that any game where your team fumbles the ball 11 times – losing five of those fumbles – and have two turnover on downs, the team would be fortunate to come out on top.

And due to those turnovers, the Trojans were only able to score four times against Roosevelt instead of the five or seven times that they maybe should have scored.


“We certainly felt like we left 30 to 40 points on the field,” Nesbitt said.

But Nesbitt praised his team for persevering, when they could have sulked and given up.

“It was a huge positive, to have that type of adversity and see our kids win that game in the fashion that they did, with four consecutive plays inside the one. The courage, the belief, the will to win was fantastic and I am incredibly proud of them for that but we don’t need to put ourselves in that situation each week,” Nesbitt said. Sometimes a game like that is necessary, as a wake up call and a learning experience and after the Warrenton performance, a much better performance, it shows that the players took the mistakes made Roosevelt game seriously.

 “It’s been good. Our guys were feeling good about themselves coming off last season and it has been a good healthy reminder that if you don’t take care of business then anybody at anytime can be there with you,” Nesbitt said

After the narrow win against Roosevelt that was full of errors and turnovers, Nesbitt said he was happy to see his players regain confidence against Warrenton.

“I thought our growth and improvement from week one to week two, you know, we took some good steps forward and did some things really well in the Warrenton ball game. It was kind of nice to see our kids get their confidence back a little bit and play fast,” Nesbitt said. It’s still early days in the season, but one player that has stepped up and impressed the coaching staff thus far is been freshman running back and safety Nick Bova.

“We thought he was going to be a good player but in two weeks, his growth from week one to week two, was significant. He is gaining confidence every time he’s out there, much like many other kids. But it’s just good to see a kid that young looking like he belongs out there, like we hoped he would,” Nesbitt said.

Troy football’s next game is on Friday, Sept. 13 at 7 p.m., when they’ll head to Liberty High School to take on the Eagles.


“One of the things we always talk about is that it is never about the opponent – it’s about us. Taking care of what it is that we do and our own execution. With Liberty, they’re a lot like us: an option football team. We’ll be practicing defending the option and option responsibilities, playing with discipline, playing with effort and physicality but once again it’s more about us and trying to work every single day to get better at what we do,” Nesbitt said.

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