Troy Buchanan football

Troy, Mo. - The Troy Buchanan Trojans move on in their playoffs as they beat the Fort Zumwalt West Jaguars, 54-21, in their Class 6 District 2 postseason opener on Oct. 29.

The Trojans defense let up 452 yards, but they had five turnovers and three sacks. Their offense was productive, however, as they had 460 yards with two passing touchdowns and five rushing. 

The standout player of the night was Mason Wray. Wray had two interceptions with one of them being a touchdown. 

I’ve been working on this all year…and to get two in the same game, playoff game,” Wray said. “It felt really good to [help] secure the win.” 

The Trojans’ defense had helped turn the ball over for their offense all year, and this game had been no different. Wray said he feels comfortable with giving the ball to the offense, and trusting them to score.

“When you get a huge stop and then your offense is able to go down and score off of those stops, it gives you more motivation, more momentum to your side,” Wray said. 

Moving forward, the Trojans will play against Hazelwood Central.

“I know what to expect from Hazelwood Central,” Wray said. “I know they’re a good team, but I know we’re a better team. I know who we’ve played, we’ve played a lot better, and we played really good games against them.”