Trojan cheer

Troy Buchanan’s cheerleading squad is under new leadership in 2020, as Destinee Selleck arrives from Camdenton to take over the program. Expectations are high as Selleck wants to build a unit that can eventually compete nationally.

New coach, new roster and new challenges.

Troy Buchanan’s cheerleading squad gets all of the things for 2020, as Destinee Selleck takes over as coach. Selleck arrives in Lincoln County after a year as the cheerleading coach at Camdenton High School near Lake of the Ozarks, and her first class is immediately the largest she’s ever overseen.

“We took a larger team this year in 20 girls,” she said. “A lot of school’s cheer programs got larger this year.”

As large as the program has gotten, Selleck said she has been surprised – and pleased – by the way her upperclassmen have taken the younger team members under their wing.

“Our older girls have been so wonderful and flexible (with the new girls),” she said. “We made a couple of changes to the program to make it larger, and they have adjusted very well to it.”

Though she just arrived in Troy, Selleck has high aspirations for the future of her team. The Trojan cheer squad boasts only three seniors, and Selleck plans on scheduling more competitions over the next year.

“Our goal is to build the program this year, and eventually compete at nationals next year,” she said.

Selleck also said the odds for success is high because she inherited a team hungry to learn and win.

“I’ve gotten lucky,” she said. “Most people don’t get to walk into such a great situation as I have.”