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Elliot (left) with friends Lou (middle) and Elvis (right) in Boston at the Stanley Cup. Photo submitted by Ken Elliot

 Last week history was made in St. Louis hockey. 

One Lincoln County fan, local firefighter Ken Elliott, was so dedicated to his team that he made the trip to Boston, Massachuets for that historic game number seven. 

The St. Louis Blues brought home the prestigious Stanley Cup for the first time in National Hockey League history. St. Louis and surrounding areas bled blue following the win and the city turned into a fanbase hotspot for die-hard Blues fans. Over 500,000 fan cheered the Blues on in the heart of St. Louis as the hockey team bore down on that final game. 

Throughout the season, Blues fans watched their team move from the very last position in January to the first in a matter of months. Some fans showed their loyalty by attending games, collecting merchandise, or even by painting themselves blue and throwing on an extravagant wig to complete the look. Elliot took it a step further.

“After game six, my buddy and I decided that we were going to Boston, there was no question about it, so we immediately booked the plane tickets,” Elliott said. He has been a season ticket holder for many years and attends as many games as possible. Elliott claims his Blues fandom began in 1988 when he was in the Navy. 

“I really started watching the Blues and following them each season, I think that’s when it all started,” Elliott said. 

Besides his job as an official Blues fan, Elliott works at the Lincoln County Fire Protection District and manages Elliott Flooring. 

Anyone that knows him knew nothing would stop him from attending game seven. 

Although that didn’t seem like too harrowing of an adventure at the outset, Elliott ran into some trouble on the journey to Boston – but not much could stop him once he’d gotten so close.

“We flew to Washington D.C. but then our next flight got cancelled, so we decided to drive the rest of the way,” Elliott said. After the “short” eight and a half hour drive, Elliott made it just in time. 

“We parked the car, ran inside and made it in time to see the puck drop,” Elliott said. The Blues won in a 4-1 game against the Bruins. 

“It was a good game, the Blues played hard and it paid off,” Elliott said. He enjoyed the win and spent time in Boston enjoying the local sights. 

“Everyone in Boston was so nice and it was almost like we were celebrities because we were Blues fans,” Elliott said. 

Elliott claims the title of the number one Blues fan and after traveling over 1,300 miles to watch the final game, it is a title well deserved. Now home, Elliott returns back to his normal life of working and is anxiously waiting for next year’s hockey season to start.

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