The 2019 Champions of the Softball League

Back row, left to right: Travis Mueller, Casey Morris, Ryan Cockrell, Melissa Jeffries-Dempsey, Kenneth (KC) Cannon, Scottie Creech

Front row, Jackie Reid, Bri Powell, Carla Angel, Samantha Morris, Suzette Morris


Returning with improvements this spring is the Troy Knights of Columbus Hall’s Softball League, starting April 23 and 24. The organizers have been constantly improving the fields and facilities over the past three years, Joe Sills, one of the organizers, said. A lot of the fencing at the fields has been replaced, as have the bases on the diamonds themselves, and the League has improved the way they chalk the fields too. The concession stand is also getting an upgrade to take credit card payments.

“The best part about it is the community that has been seeing all the efforts that we’ve been putting into it, they’ve been helping, and the players on the teams have been helping, stepping up and stepping in, doing umpiring for me, and helping us make little improvements with the area,” Sills said. 

“It’s starting to look like an official ballpark,” he added. 

This year the season is tightening up from 14 weeks to eight weeks. 

“Which will make it easier on the players so they don’t get burnt out as bad, and we’re switching to having official umpiring, versus having the teams pulling guys from the different teams to do it,” Sills said. Recruiting for this season’s teams just started, Sills said, and he said the openings will likely fill up by the end of winter. 

“We start the season on April 23, and generally two weeks before that is when we get most of our teams committing,” Sills said. 

Wednesday night during the season is Ladies Night, Thursday is Co-ed Play and Friday night is the Mens League, and the organizers want eight teams per night. 

“It’s always pretty well hyped up, some teams bring radios and they play radios while they play,” Sills said. 

“Everybody is happy, everyone gets along,” he added. “Everybody likes seeing the improvements that we’re making, and they’re excited about everything.”

To register a team it costs $450. Those interested can contact Sills at, or call (314) 808-6504. 

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