Troy cheer

Troy, Mo. - COVID-19 affected every program in one way or another in 2020.

The Troy Buchanan cheerleading team was no different. However, while many programs limited their schedules – or shut down altogether – first-year coach Destinee Selleck decided to schedule as many competitions as possible under the circumstances.

Selleck hopes that decision will not only give her Trojans a “leg up” on the competition in 2021, it will allow the cheerleaders more opportunities to be themselves.

“We’re going to be competing in the gameday competitions this year,” the second-year coach said. “It was beneficial for our girls to interact with the crowds last year where a lot of teams weren’t able to.

“Now that we’ll have more fans in the stands, the girls will have more to look forward to. They’ll be able to have the pep rallies and other things they weren’t able to have last year.”

While Troy’s cheer team did do more than other squads were able to do last season, the realities of the novel coronavirus only allowed it to do so much. The Trojans are hoping they used that time wisely in preparation for competition for the upcoming season.

“(The 2020 campaign) was a lot different than a normal season, but our girls made the best of it,” Selleck said. “The girls did more with it, and focused on more thing and (the time off) gave us more time to prepare on other things that will help us later.”

Selleck also said the biggest difference between last year and 2021 was that her team was able to do more prep work to get better in the offseason.

“We were able to do a lot more things this summer,” she said. “We were able to go to a summer camp at St. Louis College of Pharmacy, where we finished first-overall, and we brought in choreographer to help us out this summer.”

Overall, Selleck is more than ready for the season because of the quality of cheerleaders her Troy team has.

“I have the best group of girls,” she said. “They’re great leaders. They help each other out, and they’re just ready to go for the season.”