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Clare Henry steals the ball from a Silex player during a match at Bowling Green.

The Elsberry Lady Indians ended their season at the semi-finals match in districts, and though Coach Kari Koch-Dowell said the girls would obviously have liked to make the championship game and compete for the district title, “the way we went out, I can’t even say I’m mad.”

Paris, the team Elsberry took on in the semi-finals, was a highly-ranked this season, and the Lady Indians really took them to task through the whole game.

The girls’ final game went all the way into overtime, which was a “great feat” for the Lady Indians. The overtime session ended 7-3 in Paris’ favor, making the final score 54-50.

“To play them the way we played them, I can’t be mad at how we ended,” Koch-Dowell said. “They [Paris] have a 6’5” kid, and our tallest person is 5’11’ on a good day. They [Lady Indians] executed everything I asked them to do, some things just didn’t go our way throughout the game.” 

Paris was up by six, and three Elsberry starters were in foul trouble going into halftime, which put pressure on the team in the back half of the game. 

Elsberry changed up its starting lineup starting the third quarter, and gave Paris a game, though. 

“To see the girls execute and not give up was awesome,” Koch-Dowell said. 

Overall Koch-Dowell said she’s happy with the season; for the girls to finish 18-8, to see all the pieces from several years of work by the seniors come together, she said she couldn’t have asked for more.

Conference record for the Lady Indians was 8-2, and the girls beat teams this year that Elsberry has struggled with in the past. Mark Twain and Montgomery were two of the boulders the Lady Indians climbed this year, and they also took Bowling Green into overtime earlier this year.

“We never really got blown out by anybody, I mean Clopton got us a couple times, but we were in games, people were focused on playing

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