Elsberry girls basketball

Elsberry, Mo. - Consistency is the key word for the Elsberry Lady Indians this season.

From top-to-bottom the 2021-2022 Lady Indians are going to be a team that no one will want to face.

“We have a lot of depth, so much that we could do the Kentucky Five on Five Off if we wanted to,” said Head Coach Kari Koch-Dowell.

With almost an even number of upper and lower classmen, Koch-Dowell is excited at the potential of her team.

She sees her team as a run-and-gun squad this year, but also classified them as a team that is run-and-gun but in control.

“We will be able to apply full court pressure, man-to-man pressure, get after it and get layups when we can and run our half-court offense when we have to,” said Koch-Dowell.

She also stated that depending on her lineup will depend on what she does at any given time on the court.

“I think I am going to have a lot of varieties and not set in stone,” she said.

While past seasons have brought many up-and-down moments, Koch-Dowell is hoping for that consistency throughout the season and to be peeking at just the right time.

“I hope we start slow and end good and with the numbers that we have I think we should be solid all season,” said Koch Dowell.

The Lady Indians will be able to rely on the experience of four seniors in Payton Robinson, Kelsey Pflasterer, Abby Jenkins and Lilly Smith. 

One new aspect that will be seen this year, as opposed to seasons past, is the addition of man-to-man on defense as well as an emphasis on scoring.

“We should be better at putting points on the board this season and continue playing solid defense,” said Koch-Dowell.