Returning senior Lane Moody is expected to make a huge contribution to Winfield’s varsity football team this season.

Moody is a Winfield native, and he began his football career as a tackle in the seventh grade.

Prior to that, he took advantage of the flag camps that the district offers for young players.

Moody plays on both sides of the ball, as a receiver on offense and a safety on defense.

“I like to think I’m one of the fastest players on the field, and I bring a little swagger to the defense,” said Moody.

Moody currently has 433 total receiving yards and 28 catches, with five career touchdowns.

“My role on the team has changed quite a bit over the years,” said Moody. “I was a quarterback at the junior varsity level, but became a receiver during my sophomore year. Last year I was a running back, but I got injured and missed some playing time. This year I will return to play as a receiver.”

On the defensive side, Moody said what he enjoys the most is the opportunity to intimidate opposing quarterbacks.

His favorite memory, however, comes from his offensive play.

“During my freshman year, we had quite a few people get hurt,” said Moody. “I was brought up along with a few others to replace our injured players. I got to start in a game against St. Charles West. We had been going toe-to-toe with them for the entire first quarter, and we were backed up to the three-yard line. The ball was thrown to me and I caught it near the 30 yard line. The safety in the corner came at me and I took a step back. He ran right into another player, and I ran the ball in for a touchdown.”

Head Coach Keith McGlasson said there isn’t a player on his team who wouldn’t walk through fire if Moody asked them to.

“I like to lead in the classroom and out on the field,” said Moody. “I knew going into my junior year that I would need to emerge as a leader because we would be losing so many talented seniors. Someone was going to have to replace them, and I have sure been trying to do that, along with a few of my buddies.”

Moody said the secret to building that sort of relationship with his fellow players is in the time spent off the field and away from school.

“We got together for informal workouts during the summer, but the real bonding comes from just hanging out, having meals together, and those types of activities,” Moody said.

Moody said he has two personal goals for his final season of high school football.

The first is to improve his pass coverage, and the second is to be named to the all-conference team.

The big goal he has for his team this season is a district championship.

Moody said he owes a lot to his parents, who have always taught him to do the right thing and to never give up.

He also said he could not have achieved anything without his older sisters.

“They lost their mom at a very young age, and they have taught me a lot about working through things and resisting the urge to quit,” Moody said.

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