Making the most of ball turnovers and three-point opportunities, the Winfield Lady Warriors put 60 up on the scoreboard in a Jan. 30 game against Wright City’s girls.

Winfield started out in the lead with by a couple buckets, but Wright City overcame them in the opening quarter. The scores stuck with Winfield at 5 and Wright City at 7 for moment, but Chloe Kaimann landed one of her many three-pointers of the night and the floodgates opened for the Warriors. Another rapid-fire volley of shots followed and Winfield ended the first quarter up 6 points, 13-7. The girls continued to make shots, handle turnovers well and get good rebounds, and the scores had leapt to 25-11 favoring Winfield partway through the second. The Lady Warriors went into halftime with 31 points on the clock. 

Coming into the third, the girls were a little cold leaving the locker room and Wright City managed to catch up with 31 points to Winfield’s 38 with two minutes left in the third. The Lady Warriors were not finished, and though Wright City had narrowed the gap to within 6 points at one time late-game, Winfield put 22 more points up on the board before they were finished.

“They had fun tonight,” coach Tim Smith said. 

The game was full of solid teamwork by the Lady Warriors, as well as standout individual performances. Kaimann made 27 points and 14 rebounds through the four quarters, which Smith said is the highest individual score he’s seen as a Winfield coach. The closest before Kaimann’s Jan. 30 performance was 24 points by Peyton Ward in January of 2016.

Josie Bauer also had a big game, with 14 points and 12 rebounds. Other players, like Lei Ford, were constantly harassing the basket and moving in-between passes by the Wright City girls. 

“60 points though, on offense,” Smith said. “We haven’t been to 40 in like two years.” 

It was a high-energy game, too, with lots of fouls from both teams Ford fouled out in the last few minutes of quarter four, and Audrey Wehde almost got the bench with four, but with the Winfield girls clocking in on the shorter side, getting in close is a must for grabbing the basketball. Winfield is also a small team in terms of player-count, so every lost player counts.

“We just try to hold on to the end if we can, if we can build a lead and then just with our nails try to hang on till the end,” Smith said. 

He added that the Lady Warriors forced the Wildcats to make quick decisions on the court, which “nobody wants to do.” 

The rest of the season is packed with games for Winfield, with two weeks until district starts. 

Senior night was Monday for the girls, but Bre Burkemper was the only 12th-grader on the team, and she’d been out with an injury. 

Districts are on Feb. 16; the team will find out where their seed is this coming Saturday. 

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