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Christa Reisinger, a former Trojan and recent graduate of Truman State University, grew up on a farm in rural Lincoln County, where agriculture became her way of life. 

As the youngest of three older sisters, she often followed the footsteps of her older sisters. 

When she was younger she enjoyed playing soccer and basketball, that was until she discovered her passion for softball. She started off, like many college athletes, playing t-ball as a youth. 

“I’ve been playing softball for as long as I can remember,” Reisinger said. 

She worked her way up through the division of local ball until she joined her first traveling softball team when she was twelve years old. 

“We competed all across the state and even some out of state, I remember going to Florida for some games,” Reisinger said. She played softball through middle school and decided to try out when she reached high school. 

“Going into my first tryout for high school, of course I was super intimidated by the other girls, it’s always nervewracking the first year,” Reisinger said. 

After her first tryouts for high school softball, Reisinger made the Varsity team as a Freshman. 

She credits her success in the try out to the years of training and practice that she had while playing travel softball. 

“I really think it is because of the years of working on the fundamentals and mechanics of the game that helped me,” Reisinger said. 

More than just a game for Reisinger, softball is an outlet and a stress-reliever. She enjoys the dynamic of the game and watching a team work together. 

“I think it’s every little girl’s dream to make it big one day and I enjoy playing the game,” Reisinger said. 

After her career as a high school athlete, she decided to pursue her passion in college. 

While in college she has had her ups and downs with the sport but, has stuck with the game throughout the years. She volunteers her time during the summer to the Troy Buchanan High School coaches to help at the summer softball camps and host hitting lessons. 

“I enjoy coaching and working with younger kids to pass along the passion for softball that I have,” Reisinger said. Now as a college graduate, she hopes to stay involved in softball and never fully get away from the sport. 

“One of my favorite things about playing softball growing up was always making new friends and connections that I still talk to today,” Reisinger said. 

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