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For Catherine Forbeck, a lifetime of choices led her to attend Lindenwood University on an athletic scholarship to play collegiate soccer. Forbeck graduated from Troy Buchanan High School in 2018, and is now pursuing a degree in early childhood education with hopes to become an elementary school teacher. 

“I just love working with kids, I always have,” Forbeck said. She currently works at Vetta Sports as a summer camp counselor. When she is not working, you can find Forbeck on the field; she has been playing soccer for as long as she can remember. 

“I was kicking a soccer ball as soon as I could walk on my own,” Forbeck said. Her mom used to tell her that she never could throw or catch very well, but she could kick. The game came naturally to her and she was able to join her first team, the Sacred Heart Flames, when she was six. From the Flames, she went on to play for the Troy Soccer Club. 

“I enjoyed playing club soccer because it became more competitive as I got older and I have a very competitive nature,” Forbeck said. She played club soccer for many years and when she became a freshman, she knew she wanted to play in high school. 

“When I made the Varsity team my first year, that is when I really became serious and I made it a goal of mine to play in college,” Forbeck said. She credits her success in high school soccer to the years of foundation-building that she gained from her club soccer team. Her favorite memory from high school soccer was her senior year when her team was at the district championship game. 

“I scored the winning goal, winning us the game and the championship,” Forbeck said. She holds on to that memory and thinks back to that moment now that she is playing in college. 

“As much as I love the game, it is a huge time and lifestyle commitment,” Forbeck said. She dedicates her time to improve her skills. Forbeck’s two sisters are huge supports of her and regularly help her practice when they can. 

“My family has helped me get where I am today, my mom would always drive me and my sisters to our practices, games or training, and my family has always been a good backing for me,” Forbeck said. Throughout the years her coaches have helped her to work hard, she looks to the older girls on the team and aspires to be more like them with each practice. 

“Soccer has made me who I am today and really helps me to understand the value of hard work,” Forbeck said. She knew she wanted to play soccer in college, she just had to find the right place. Forbeck toured Lindenwood University in the eighth grade and fell in love with the campus. Throughout high school she always kept Lindenwood at the back of her mind and when she started seriously looking at colleges, she decided that she had found her home years ago. 

“I didn’t really want to look anywhere else because Lindenwood just felt like the right fit for me, I really like their soccer program and it has been all I was hoping it would be,” Forbeck said. Currently, she plays as the left back defender for Lindenwood. Forbeck has a strong passion for the game and hopes to never get away from it. 

“One day I hope to get into coaching and give young girls the same opportunities that I had,” Forbeck said. Right now she is enjoying her summer and gearing up for the second season of her collegiate soccer career to start.

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