The TBHS girls tennis team has never had anyone make it to state before, but senior Ashley Firoved made history this season, reaching that high level of competition and earning an eighth place medal there. 

At finals, the participating schools were split into two classes depending on their school’s size, then to start the matches it was a random draw amongst the schools divided by class. 

“My first placement draw was quite lucky, in the state match I ended up beating her and moved up to the quarterfinals,” Firvoved said. “My second match didn’t go well, I was against a girl from St. Joseph’s Academy and she was incredible. I didn’t score a single game point on her. I wasn’t even upset about the loss because I was happy to play her.” 

For Firoved, being able to have the opportunity to compete at that high of a level with the support of her friends, family and coaches was a dream come true. 

“At state I was also super focused on the support and love from my friends, family and school,” Firoved said. “So many people were commenting and sharing their support for me through this awesome accomplishment, and it was amazing. People from school that I have never talked to were even like ‘Hey, what you’re doing is incredible.’ and I think that’s great. It made me so proud to be a Trojan and it showed me just how many people cared whether I know it or not.”

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