Point kickboxing is a semi-contact, no knockout event where the students utilize their techniques to outscore their opponents. 

On Halloween weekend, Matthew Boyer, also known as “Master Matt,” owns Boyer Academy in Troy, and took some of his students to compete in a recent tournament. 

Leading up to the tournament, the students have been training five times a week for the last six weeks. 

“My students are beyond dedicated to their sport and always give their best effort” Boyer said. 

“We train a lot and it’s hard, but it pays off when you win first place in a fight” said Belinda, 12, a student at Boyer Academy.

On Oct. 31, the International Kickboxing Federation hosted a tournament in which multiple students placed, including Belinda, Joslyn, 6, Madeline, 12 and Emily, 9.

“It was great for our kids to be there competing and seeing those who are older than them cheering them on,” Boyer said

“I was nervous, because there was so many people watching us, but excited to prove I could beat a boy” Emily said. 

The point kick boxing team will continue to spar with each other to strengthen their skills – and be even more prepared for their next tournament.

“The students will compete in about six tournaments a year and will continue to grow and use more of their skills as time goes on,” said Boyer, who is looking forward to enjoying his students’ future successes.