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Meeting new people, nurturing a personal interest and supplementing your income are just a few of the reasons a part-time job could be a nice addition to your daily lifestyle.  Of course, different jobs require different physical and intellectual skill sets.  So think about what you’re looking for before you accept a position anywhere.

Love to read?  Seek work as a librarian’s assistant at your local library or university.  Responsibilities could include helping customers, shelving books, tracking overdue items, inventory and some computer usage. 

Handy with a hammer?  Or a needle and thread?  Marketing your skills as a handyman or a seamstress allows you to draw from your own talent and work on a flexible schedule.

Want a job and a place to live?  Many self-storage facilities employ individuals or couples to live on-site to coordinate their daily operations.  Responsibilities could include leasing, collections, banking, cleaning, maintenance and computer usage.

How’s your foxtrot?  Thanks to the Gentleman Host Program, many cruise lines now offer older, single, refined men the opportunity to cruise for free in exchange for their company as dance or dinner partners for older single passengers. 

Are you an art fan or a sports fan?  Or both?  There are many ways to immerse yourself in the world you love.  Whether serving as a tour guide at a museum, an usher at a theater or a ticket-taker at an arena, you’ll be surrounded by likeminded people who share your passion. 

Want to get behind the wheel?  Drivers are always needed for limousines, school busses, shuttle services and transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft. A valid driver’s license (sometimes commercial) and a good driving record are a must.