If you’ve ever worked in an office, you’ve probably heard the word “ergonomic” tossed around a time or two.  It simply means that something is designed to prevent injuries, such as carpel tunnel, scoliosis and other posture-related ailments. These specially designed tools give a greater range of motion to someone already suffering with physical limitations, which is why so many people keep ergonomic keyboards and chairs in the workplace. 

Luckily, this type of design isn’t limited to the office.  There are plenty of ergonomic gardening tools on the market for people suffering with arthritis, back pain and low-flexibility that will allow you to continue nurturing your green thumb.  Quite a few companies offer kneelers – elevated kneeling benches with soft padding - ergonomic digging and pruning tools as well as raised garden beds.  These tools prevent resting on your knees and eliminate the cause of stiffness that settles in while laboring. 

Several stores offer these specially designed tools, but it’s important to assess your individual needs before breaking out your wallet.  If you have difficulty moving, calling ahead is your best bet.  There are a few companies that offer tools online, but you can’t tell how comfortable a tool or stool is until you try it out in person.  When you buy tools in person, you also support local businesses and your community.

Do your research and get the tools you need to succeed.  You shouldn’t have to compromise your love of gardening for comfort – so don’t!