1. Swap jokes.

How do you make a tissue dance? Put a little boogie in it! 

Who can resist a good laugh?  Not kids, that’s for sure – the cheesier the better!  So give your grandkids something they can’t wait to tell their friends at school.  Consider picking up a child-friendly joke book, or you can find jokes online for free. 

2. Play the would-you-rather game. 

Would you rather have three eyes or an extra butt?       

These kinds of questions will stimulate their imagination, and it will make the both of you laugh hysterically.  If you run out of comparisons, try going the Fear-Factor route: Would you rather be covered in spiders for 1 minute or eat a cockroach? 

3. Write a story together.

You:  There once was a little girl…

Them:  That had a farm…

You: Where she raised giant…

Them: Birds!

You: But they weren’t ordinary birds…

Them: They had gold feathers…

You get the idea.  This exercise is fun, creative and a great way to entertain grandkids.

4. Old-fashioned board and card games.   

Go fish! Yahtzee! UNO!

There are lots of fun, classic board games and card games that teach your grandkids important analytical thinking, strategy and social skills.  Life, Clue, Monopoly, Yahtzee, Checkers, Scrabble, Chess and Sequence are all great choices.  Or teach them your favorite card games, like Crazy Eights, UNO, Rummy, Go Fish, Egyptian Ratscrew, Spit (aka Speed) and Spoons (aka Pig). 

5. Family stories. 

Kids have a hard time imagining Mom and Dad at the same age.  So they love to hear tales about Dad misbehaving or that Mom got glasses at the same age.  If you know any interesting family history, pass it on!  Or tell them about what things were like when you were a kid.  You’d be surprised how much these stories mean to grandkids.