Chuck Marsonette has only been the Chief of Old Monroe’s Police Department since February of 2020 but has already made a positive impact on the community. 

Jessica Hawkins, City Clerk of Old Monroe, knew that the officers of Old Monroe were all outstanding, but one name came to mind when asked who the most exemplary officer was. 

“Of all of the six officers, our Chief has gone above and beyond to reorganize the department after some changes had been made,” Hawkins said. 

Marsonette has been an officer since 1995 and has previously worked for the Winfield and Des Peres police departments. 

Marsonette is originally from Washington, Missouri, and said that he has always wanted to be a police officer. 

“I began as a firefighter paramedic in 1988, but I enjoyed watching the Police Commission and what they were doing, so I did all three police, fire and EMS. I just wanted the full public spectrum,” Marsonette said. 

Marsonette has accumulated a range of education over the years. From receiving his Master’s degree in public administration from Purdue University to his firefighter paramedic training at East Central College in Union, Missouri, and his police training in St. Louis Police Academy. 

“I would say his most outstanding qualities as an officer are his education and training,” said Hawkins.

When it comes to what he likes most about his job, Marsonette said it’s all about the community. 


“Helping people in their worst time of need, on their worst days, is what I enjoy most,” said Marsonette.

Hawkins mentioned that Marsonette is different than most other high-ranking officials because of his need to help.

“Many people with a higher rank think they are above doing certain tasks, but he does it all. When we had flash flooding a few months back, he came in a 2 a.m. to help after being called on a whim just to walk the roads and offer a hand,” Hawkins said.

Marsonette said that his most rewarding day on the job was when he helped deliver a baby. 

“It was in the 1990s on a snowy day, and the mother was having an imminent delivery because the child was having some medical complications. My partner and I delivered the baby and were able to revive him, and he went on the live a long, happy life. The child’s middle name was named after my partner and me,” Marsonette said. 

Marsonette also explained that the officers of Old Monroe are what make his job exist.

“I always want to highlight the team I work with because they do a wonderful job and I’m very privileged to have a great team of officers and staff. Without their daily sacrifices to the community and their families, my job would not be possible,” said Marsonette.