One goes through life seeing people in different situations, but when it is you a whole new light is shed.

For local resident, Anne Moe, she has seen many in her lifetime fight the dreaded disease of cancer that is running ramped in our world.  But, on January 5, 2018 that light was shed on Moe.  She was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer seen today.  Moe’s life has been turned upside down, crediting her current state of remission for three reasons.  Those being, the yearly mammogram that detected the tumor, the staff at Koenig Cancer Center, but most importantly the support from those around her.

Anne Moe

Soon after her diagnoses, like many, Moe experienced the “Why Me” moment and breakdown.  During this breakdown she describes a sense of calm that came over her.  “All of a sudden I realized God was by my side, telling me we got this”, she said.   Professionals say that attitude is half the battle for those in this situation.  Moe continued, “It is not for me to question, but I know there is a reason for everything and He has chosen me to fight this battle and I am going to with all my might.”

According to the specialists that Moe has been seeing for treatment if she had not had her yearly prevention test, her life would be on a totally different course right now.  She had gone from a perfect mammogram in December 2016 to a two centimeter mass near her chest wall in December of 2017. From the very beginning there was a place in plan.  

She started with 16 chemo treatments for a 20 week period, followed by a double mastectomy, to her current status of having 33 radiation treatments and in December she had reconstruction surgery. The cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and they could not remove them because of their location behind her ribs and near her collar bone, for that reason doctors have taken every avenue to make sure the cells are all gone.  

Moe didn’t have enough descriptive words to describe how her care has been at Koenig Cancer Center in Lake St. Louis.  She continually meets with a team of experts, a breast surgeon, medical oncologist, and a radiation oncologist, to determine what her planned course of treatment is.  

“I have received nothing but the best of care from the entire staff at this center. The nurses are Angels in the care they provide and the support they give.”    

Through everything, Moe’s biggest side effect from everything has just been exhaustion.  Having very little energy to get things done leaves a big to do list not only at home, but at her job.  

The support Moe has received has made her very humbled knowing she is not in this fight alone.  She is not a native of Elsberry, moving to the area in 1996, but that hasn’t stopped her family and friends back home, the Clopton area people and especially the Elsberry Community from being there for her.  Not only prayers, meals, taking her to appointments, staying with her after surgery, but financially.  Until someone actually goes through something like this they probably have no idea the expense including, deductibles, co-pays, travel expenses, and a lifetime of follow up medical checkups.  In February 2018 an Anne’s Army night at the EHS basketball game was held raising over $4,000 to contribute to the cause.  Also, the Clopton Elsberry IndianHawks hosted a Pink Out at the game with proceeds to Moe.  

Finally, where to start with the encouragement and support she has received from two special young men in her life, her sons, Logan and Trevor.  As older children feel, Logan thought he needed to be here for his Mom, even contemplating giving up his college football and academic scholarships to stay at home.  

Moe convinced him he was still close enough at McKendree College in Lebanon, IL that he could come home if they needed him.  So needless to say, Trevor is there when needed.  As a senior he was involved in many activities, sports and vying for the top spot in his class, but nothing keeps him away when his Mom needs him.  

Moe knows she still has challenges ahead of her, especially knowing in the back of her mind that her type of cancer has a high rate of return somewhere else in her body.  To challenge whatever her future holds she has comfort in knowing, Anne’s Army will be there right by her side every step of the way.

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