Charles Hobby

Charles Hobby

Although Foley only has one officer, Chief Charles Hobby would remain an outstanding officer even on a larger force according to Dee Evans, Foley City Clerk.

“Chief Hobby is steadfast and up-front. He is loyal to what he does and will always be honest about the situation at hand,” Evans said. 

Originally from Kentucky, Hobby moved to Missouri in 1980 after four active years already under his belt. 

“I started law enforcement in Powder Springs, Georgia, in 1976 before I moved up to Missouri,” said Hobby.

Hobby has had many jobs over the years, many he worked simultaneously. From being a fire inspector to having his own pest control business Hobby continued to work as an officer in the Winfield, Bowling Green and Foley areas. 

“I transferred to Missouri because the pest control company I was working for was expanding. I was working part-time as a law enforcement officer at the time, but the company asked if I would move to Missouri, and so I did. We expanded the business and I’ve been here ever since,” said Hobby.

Hobby said his favorite thing about the job is getting to help the people of his community.  He values the cards he has gotten over the years from those he has helped; they offer him a reminder of the stories and, more importantly, the people behind them.

“I really enjoy helping people. I’ve been in this area for a long time so I’ve gotten to know a lot of people. I have received cards from the community thanking me for helping them during difficult situations and that just makes it all worth it,” Hobby said. 

Evans used to be a bus driver in Winfield and mentions that she had a positive relationship with Hobby even then.

“He would always take time out of his day to make sure the bus drivers were taken care of and we appreciated that,” said Evans.

With over 40 years on the job, Hobby has a long repertoire of stories to pull from, good and bad. 

Hobby mentioned that the worst days on the job are when weapons have to be drawn or used for protection. 

“Back in 2011, there was an incident with a man who was under the influence and had a weapon. I was the first one on the scene and called for back-up but shots were fired. That was the worst day I’ve had on the job,” Hobby said. 

“My best day on the job occurred when there was an accident on the highway west of Hawk Point, it was pretty serious, and I was the first to arrive at the scene. I worked hard keeping the gentleman calm and helped him any way I could. I later received a letter from him thanking me for my attitude and presence during the situation. It’s something I won’t ever forget,” said Hobby.