• Jeremy William Kientzy: Resisting/Interfering With Arrest, Detention Or Stop {Misdemeanor A RSMo: 575.150}; Property Damage - 2nd Degree {Misdemeanor B RSMo: 569.120}; Trespassing-2nd Degree {Infraction RSMo: 569.150}

• Zachery T. Lunsford: Burglary - 2nd Degree {Felony D RSMo: 569.170}; Stealing - Motor Vehicle/Watercraft/Aircraft {Felony D RSMo: 570.030}; Stealing - Motor Vehicle/Watercraft/Aircraft {Felony D RSMo: 570.030}

• Michael Louis Vick: Passing Bad Check {Felony E RSMo: 570.120}

• Jacob Curtis Stonebarger: Resisting/Interfering With Arrest For A Felony {Felony E RSMo: 575.150}; Operating a Motor Vehicle in a Careless And Imprudent Manner, Involving An Accident {Misdemeanor A RSMo: 304.012}; Leaving Scene Of Accident {Misdemeanor A RSMo: 577.060}; Assault - 4th Degree - Pursuant To Subdivisions (3), (6) {Misdemeanor C RSMo: 565.056}

• Keirsten L. Sooter: Resisting Arrest/Detention/Stop By Fleeing - Creating A Substantial Risk Of Serious Injury/Death To Any Person {Felony E RSMo: 575.150}

• Elizabeth M. Kern: Dwi {Misdemeanor B RSMo: 577.010}

This week we charged six individuals with property damage, multiple stolen vehicles, passing multiple bad checks, DWIs, leaving the scene of an accident and assault. Multiple charges for resisting arrest were also filed. 

We at the prosecutor’s office feel it essential to protect private property rights and hold offenders accountable for the safety and security of our community.

-Mike Wood, Lincoln County 

Prosecuting Attorney 

Individuals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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