The Missouri Republican Party recently announced the selection of 54 delegates statewide to attend the Republican National Convention to be held in Jacksonville, FL in August.  

The Lincoln County Republican Central Committeewoman from Clark-Zoar Township, Carol Wessel Boyer was elected to attend the national convention.  President Trump has endorsed her selection as a convention delegate.


Wessel Boyer currently serves as the Vice-chair of the Lincoln County Republican Central Committee, and is on the Missouri Republican State Committee and Vice-Chair for Congressional District 3.  In her position with the Missouri GOP, she has worked extensively on the Republican Party Platform.  

Wessel Boyer has been diligent to assure the platform reflects traditional conservative values of Right to Life, protection of the 2nd Amendment, sovereign borders, lower taxes, decreased regulations, full employment, and support of our military and law enforcement.

“Carol has faithfully served the Republican grassroots of Lincoln County for over 30 years in a variety of legislative, congressional, and local political leadership positions.   Four years ago she was a delegate to the Republican National Convention nominating Trump, and will do the same again next month,” said Gary Grunick, Chair of the Lincoln County Republican Central Committee. 

 “In these challenging political, economic, and cultural times it is important on a local, state and national level to be unified behind the candidates and platform values that are distinctively Republican,” stated Wessel Boyer.

In addition to attending the national convention next month, Wessel Boyer will be on the Aug. 4 primary ballot seeking re-election in Lincoln County Clark-Zoar Township as the Republican Central Committeewoman.