Peoples Bank & Trust Co. is pleased to announce Jenifer Miller has been promoted to Branch Manager of the Peoples Bank & Trust Elsberry Branch. 

Jenifer started as teller at Peoples Bank & Trust in 2014, and quickly moved up to the head teller position. Now as branch manager, Miller will continue her duties as head teller but also take on additional managerial responsibilities. Jenifer looks forward to working with the other branch employees as a team to solve problems and continuing to provide excellent customer service.

When she’s not at the bank, Miller enjoys reading a good book and spending time with her family.

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PB&T awards

Back row: Robin Daniels, Amy Turnbull, Jeanine Mennemeyer, John Hutton, Justin St. Pierre, Dan Holmes, Kim Miller, Cynthia Adams. Front row: Bridget Higby, Vicky Conroy, Brenda Brinker, Phyllis Tuepker, Deb McElroy. Photos by Peoples Bank & Trust


Peoples Bank & Trust employees from several branches have been recognized for their years of continued service and dedication. Those employees recognized received gifts of appreciation ranging from jewelry to all-expense paid vacations. Please join us in congratulating the following employees:

40 years of service: Jeanine Mennemeyer

35 years of service: Tom Dickmeyer

30 years of service: Jere Burkemper

25 years of service: Robin Daniels and Cynthia Adams

20 years of service: Cheryl Finley, Karen Douglas, Debra McElroy, Justin St. Pierre and Brenda Brinker

15 years of service: Anna Jacobs, Lisa Tayon, Nancy Plouffe, Vicky Conroy, Dan Holmes, Bridget Higby and Kim Miller

10 years of service: Stefanie Koester, Amy Turnbull, Larry Gamm, Phyllis Tuepker, John Hutton, Bonnie Cain and Jake Thompson

While only employees that had reached milestone years were awarded, Peoples Bank & Trust is proud of all its employees and truly values their hard work and loyalty which allows the bank to continue to offer the newest services and the highest degree of customer service.  

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