Charges have been brought against a man accused of distributing drugs at a residential care facility in Winfield, the latest announcement in a case that started in mid-summer. 

Back in July, the Winfield Police Department received information that an employee of Winfield Residential Care Facility would possibly attempt to bring illicit drugs into the building.

Thanks to the info, Winfield Police Chief Bill Burleson said officers were watching the area “based on the tip received.” 

“We feel the residents of the facility are now safe and the issue has been handled,” Burleson said. “We’re doing our investigation, and the Department of Health and Senior Services are doing their investigation on the facility. It’s important to note I think that the residents are being cared for properly now as far as we know.” 

On July 23, police had observed a red minivan as it failed to stop at a stop sign at the intersection of Third and West Walnut streets. After stopping the car, officers made contact with the driver and only occupant, identified as 41-year-old Thomas Gilbert Williams.

According to a release from the Winfield Police Department, Williams stated he knew he ran the stop sign, but did not want to be late for work. Williams then provided officers his insurance and stated he did not have his license on him. After running his information through Lincoln County Central Dispatch, officers learned Williams’ license was suspended, and they requested he exit his car. His vehicle was impounded, and officers took an inventory of the items in the car. 

“After beginning the inventory, officers observed a multi colored bandanna in the center console, inside was blue in color glass pipe commonly used to smoke methamphetamine,” the release said. “At this time, officers placed Williams under arrest for possession of methamphetamine paraphernalia.”

After Williams was booked at the Lincoln County Jail, officers continued their investigation and interviewed residents Winfield Residential Care, who said Williams had actively sold residents meth and marijuana on a regular basis. 

“Residents also stated at times Williams took residents to Troy to party in a hotel,” the release said. 

Williams was charged with distribution of a controlled substance in a protected location, and distribution of methamphetamine. 

The Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office may consider additional charges as the investigation continues.

All persons are charged with a crime are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Burleson said the Winfield officers “did some good police work,” and that the investigation was a solid one. 

“I’m pleased with the way it ended,” he said. 

At press time, Winfield Residential Care had not made a statement on the matter. Any updates to this story will be published at 

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