On Nov. 14, a woman was taken by helicopter from Foley to a St. Louis hospital following what appeared to be a dog attack. 

According to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, on Nov. 14, deputies responded to the first block of Oak Ridge Drive in Foley for a possible disturbance in progress. 

Lincoln County Central Communications advised they had a 911 call coming back to this area.

At 1:30 p.m., dispatch advised they could hear a male ask why she is naked, and why she is outside. Thirty seconds later dispatch advised they could hear a male say, "I got you, it's okay", "I'm sorry about this." 

Dispatch further advised while en-route that they thought this appeared to be a canine attack, and a female had been bit. 

When deputies arrived, they located the 37-year-old female victim with numerous open wounds. 

Deputies had Lincoln County Ambulance District provide treatment. The injuries were extensive, the Sheriff's Office reported, with layers of torn flesh in multiple locations. The victim told deputies she was attacked by multiple gray/white pit bull's from the neighboring property, to the extent that her clothes were ripped off. The victim also told deputies she was in her yard when the attack occurred, at which time the dogs dragged her onto an adjacent property.

The victim was transported by helicopter to Barnes St. Louis do to the extensive injuries sustained.

Deputies had been called to the area earlier in the day for aggressive canines; however, they were unable to locate them. The victim, prior to the attack, told deputies that the owners of the dogs moved out approximately two-months ago, and left the dogs there, but they return once a week to feed and water the dogs. Deputies made contact with the owner of the pit bulls and told them to collect their dogs, and they arrived as the attack was occurring.

The deputies and the dog owners collected the five pit bull dogs from around the area.    

Deputies made arrangements with St. Charles County Animal Control to take possession of the five pit bull's, which the owner agreed to. The Sheriff’s Office sent the case to the Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for review and possible charges.