A woman was found dead in a Troy hotel at on Sunday, Aug. 25, and a hotel employee has been charged in relation to the case.

That Sunday, Troy Police responded to Room 316 at the Troy Inn & Suites after receiving a call about a possible deceased woman, identified as Kelli Roberts according to a Statement of Probable Cause (SPC).

According to the SPC, upon entering the room, Troy Police Officer Roger Mauzy noticed a white female – Roberts – lying face down on a mattress, which was on the floor. 

Mauzy also stated in the SPC that he noticed an uncapped water bottle and an ice pack, which was still cold, near the deceased. 

According to Mauzy, the room appeared to have been cleaned and there were cleaning materials on the floor of the room and on the sink.

While pictures were being taken of the scene, a detective contacted Mauzy and informed him that he was with a female, identified as Stephanie Livengood, who had information to provide.

Livengood took the officers to Room 324, and Mauzy asked Livengood if Room 324 was hers, to which she informed him that it was not and that she was a housekeeper at the hotel and had access to all the rooms. 

Livengood told the officers that she had brought some things from Room 316 to Room 324 – no one was staying in room 324.

She said she brought a trash bag, which was placed in the closet of Room 324, and said that her purse was hidden in the bathroom and a beer can was in the refrigerator.

Mauzy asked Livengood if the beer can had come from Roberts’ room to which she replied that it had.

Mauzy located the trash bag that had been removed from Room 316 and found in it several syringes. 

He then located the purse in the bathroom and found more syringes.

After that, Mauzy checked the beer can in the refrigerator. In the SPC, Mauzy said, “On the bottom portion of the can, I noticed what I believed to be a ‘filter’ and white crystallized substance. Filter is street slang for some sort of material used to draw up liquid into a syringe.”

Mauzy then requested Livengood be transported to the Troy Police Department for further questioning.

Livengood reportedly told officers that on Saturday, Aug. 24, she had stayed with Roberts in her room. Livengood said she was supposed to be at the hotel for work at 10 a.m. the next morning, but that she didn’t wake up on time, waking up closer to 12:30 p.m.

According to the SPC, Roberts told Livengood that she wanted to do some methamphetamines, so Livengood retrieved some, liquefied the substance, drew it up into a syringe and attempted to inject Roberts, at Roberts request.

Livengood told officers that she only tried injecting Roberts twice, being unsuccessful both times and then disposing of the liquid from the syringe in the sink.

Livengood said that she then gave Roberts two lines of methamphetamine, which Roberts snorted. 

When officers asked Livengood why she moved the items from room 316 to 324, she said it was because she was scared.

Livengood said that Roberts wasn’t acting right after the two failed injection attempts and snorting the methamphetamine and so she continually checked on her throughout the day.

Roberts complained about being hot, which explains the ice pack found near her, and Roberts apparently took multiple baths trying to cool off.

Livengood also stated that Roberts was pulling clumps of her hair out.

When asked why she didn’t call 9-1-1 as soon as she noticed Roberts wasn’t acting right, Livengood reportedly said that Roberts had asked her not to.

“I guess the night before or the day before they were in the midst of doing methamphetamine,” Troy Police Department Public Information Officer Tony Stewart “The deceased, she wasn’t very fond of needles so she had requested that the individual that was charged actually inject her. But they tried a couple of times and couldn’t find a vein. So at that point, the charged actually cut up more and the deceased snorted it. 

“Then throughout the day I guess she had some adverse reactions to it and at some point it appeared she passed away from something the resulted from the methamphetamine use,” Stewart added.

Stewart said that the autopsy was still being completed and his department was waiting on that toxicology report and autopsy to see what the official cause of death was.

He also said there were some digital avenues like cell phones and messages being investigated to piece together when things occurred.

According to Stewart, the only charge against Livengood is currently delivery of a controlled substance, but charges such as manslaughter homicide and potentially tampering of evidence could be tacked on, if the autopsy comes back with sufficient evidence supporting those charges and the prosecutor decides to go that route.

Livengood is currently in custody, being held without bond.

An official from the Troy Inn & Suites said via email that, “the board at Troy Hotel Group is conducting an internal investigation, as well as cooperating with the City of Troy Police Department concerning this matter. Our deepest condolences go out to the victim and her family. At this time, we have been advised not to release a formal statement while pending further investigation into this matter. With our compliance and cooperation, we hope Troy Police Department will resolve this matter in a timely fashion.”

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