Push-In Ceremony

Members of the Winfield-Foley Fire Protection District "push-in" the department's new fire truck, a time-honored community tradition dating back to the 17th century. The new truck is the first purchased as a result of the $3.5 million Proposition Safety bond initiative passed by voters nearly two years ago.

Winfield, Mo. – As early as the 17th century, hand-drawn and horse-led fire engines, ladder wagons and other fire-fighting apparati had to be pushed back into the station after every call.

In honor of those early firefighters, the “push-in” ceremony has become a community event when local fire departments dedicate a new truck, especially due to the fact those vehicles are sizable purchases in modern times.

Arron Lee

WFFPD Chief Arron Lee gives opening remarks before the department's dedication and "push-in" of its brand-new fire truck on Jan. 16 in Winfield.