Wilbur & Me Boutique

Shayla Wilson-Kaplen (pictured holding the scissors) and Abby Schuette (directly to Wilson-Kaplen’s left), cut the ribbon outside of the new Wilbur and Me Boutique storefront to celebrate their new business. Pictured along side them are friends and family of both individuals, who credit their kin’s support for their success.

Old Monroe, Mo. - Brick and mortar stores have been crippled since Internet sales took off over two decades ago; the recent global pandemic delivered the coupe de grace to millions of suffering businesses and completely reshaped social norms regarding online purchasing. Between that and our country’s battle to curb inflation with higher loan rates from the Fed, it is an objectively tough time to open a business. However, that has not stopped local entrepreneurs Shayla Wilson-Kaplen and Abby Schuette from opening up the “Wilbur & Me Boutique” in Old Monroe earlier this month.

The new business, a roughly 700 square feet clothing store that offers chic adornments and beauty-related products for women, is located just off of Main Street in Old Monroe. The store also sells natural dog treats and other pet supplies, donating 5% of all profits from pet products sold to Five Acre Animal Shelter in St. Charles County.