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Winfield, Mo. - On July 8,  the Winfield Board of Alderman met for its monthly meeting. 

Chief Brian Wideman gave the Winfield Police Department’s monthly report, when it was brought to the board’s attention that the new stop signs on Sandra Way approved last month may need more work. 

“We are currently giving people warnings when pulling them over on this road, due to the fact that it is a new stop sign,” Wideman said.

The board was offered the idea of painting a cross walk or adding more signs before the stop signs. 

After taking into consideration how much each cross walk would cost, the board approved to add new signs and hold off on the paint.

“We will see how the signs work out, and look at this matter again next month to decide if painting a crosswalk is still necessary,” Winfield Mayor Dawn Garver said. 

Wideman completed his report, saying that his department has been able to get many of the things they have needed for a long time.

 “We have been able to get new alcohol tests, and the new cameras are working good,” he said.