Warrenton students decked out in purple and gold to show support for their Troy peers Photo courtesy of Warrenton High School

Troy Buchanan High School lost three students over the summer to car accidents on two separate occasions. The most recent of these, which occurred just before the start of school, took the lives of Brayden Hood and Mario Montalvo. Hunter Thorp was killed earlier in June. 

In the wake of these tragedies the Warrenton High School in Warren County and Winfield High School both wore purple and gold to support Troy and its students. Warrenton High School Principal, Loraine Raziq, had heard the news break in Troy and decided to let her students know. 

“I had reached out to my student council, letting them know what had happened and they decided they wanted to do a recognition day,” Raziq said. “They got the information to student hands and staff hands and ran with it.”

Last September, Warrenton lost of one of their own students to an automobile accident. During that time, Troy had offered their support their neighboring district. 

“It didn’t just impact the local community, Troy had reached out to us when we were struggling and our student council wanted to be able to reciprocate that,” Raziq said. 

On Aug. 16, students and staff at Warrenton High School wore purple and gold to represent Troy’s school colors. 

The student council also donated a plant to the families of the boys. 

“They wanted to give them

something they could keep in remembrance of them,” Raziq said.

Raziq moved from St. Louis county into this district only three years ago. When she witnessed the support of neighboring schools and then of her own, she was proud to be able to work in such a wonderful area. 

“This community and this school district have some of the most giving, devoted, amazing people I have ever met in my life,” Raziq said. 

As great minds think alike, Winfield High School hosted a similar event where students and staff wore purple and gold in honor of Troy. 

“Our school community wanted to show support for one of our neighboring schools,” Winfield Superintendent Daniel Williams said on behalf of his students.

The education community in Lincoln County is made up of a tight-knit group of schools that maintain a positive relationship with one another. In the past schools have supported each others students by sending their counseling services to each school in need. 

“I would say that this is just the status quo for Lincoln County School District,” Williams said. 

Williams knew about the student-planned event at his school, and had hoped that Winfield students would show their support for Troy. 

“We have great students here and we were thinking there would be a strong showing of support, but I had no idea it was going to be on that scale,” Williams said. 

Students and staff wore purple and gold in remembrance of the boys that lost their lives and to support their neighboring school during this time. 

“I don’t know that words could describe the feeling of pride that I have for our school,” Williams said. 

This past summer Winfield was faced with severe flooding that destroyed many homes and businesses. Lincoln County came together in their time of need to lend a helping hand to those affected by the rising waters. 

“We have experienced some pretty tragic events over the last four months; the silver lining to that is to see the communities come together,” Williams said.  Wanting to pay their respects, Winfield chose to pass it forward when showing their support for the Troy community and school. 

“We want to express our sincere condolences  to the community and the school community of Troy and let them know that there are a lot of friends here in Winfield that are here to support them,” Williams said.