Now that school is out, districts will be eager to get started on projects that would be difficult to do while school is in session.

Winfield School District Superintendent Daniel Williams is one area school administrator that is excited about what this summer has in store for his district.

One of the projects is a renovation to the high school gymnasium.

“The gymnasium will get a complete make-over with new paint, we are going to sand the floors down to hardwood and re-paint and re-urethane that.”

Another major project is a renovation to the middle school’s roof.

Williams said that around 75 percent of that roof will have a urethane coating applied to it.

“We also have a new ADA approved ramp that’s going to go into our middle school b building. We have to take out an existing concrete ramp,” Williams said.

Another big project at the high school is the construction of a new bus lot that is located in a much closer proximity to the maintenance barn.

“That will be significant for our drivers where everything will be centrally located for them,” Williams said.

“I don’t know if you can say that these things are necessarily exciting to talk about but when you think about how you plan to take care of what you have and what our taxpayers pay for, it’s signs of good things. We are being proactive rather than reactive,” Williams said.

Williams also noted that because of the flooding and Winfield High School being used as a shelter, some projects might be put off until further notice, but for a very good cause.

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