On Sunday, June 30, Meridian Waste partnered with Winfield residents and other event organizers for a community-wide cleanup.

The floodwaters brought loads of debris into the streets of Winfield along with carrying away trashcans and other things from yards and parking lots and when the floodwaters receded, all that debris and rubbish was left on the streets.

More than 160 volunteers collected debris from homes and businesses throughout Winfield and as a result, more than 137,000 lbs. of waste were properly disposed.

According to a press release from Meridian Waste, “Area residents and church volunteers, after a Sunday morning onsite blessing and service, helped clean up the City and their homes and dispose of all flood-related debris for free in Meridian Waste provided roll-off containers located within the City.”

The release also said that Meridian waived all disposal fees at its Winfield transfer station to help residents.

“Hard times can often bring a community together and make it even stronger than before, and that was the feeling throughout Winfield today,” said Bob Mathis, Meridian Waste’s general manager. “Meridian Waste is in the business of a clean environment, but beyond that, we are members of the Winfield community and simply honored to help.”

 The event was also organized and sponsored by Redemption Road and Calvary Chapel Churches and Sundae Funday Café.


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